easythanks FAQs

Why does easythanks exist?

easythanks was built by parents who saw how overwhelming and nuanced the college application process was. Fo r every great college visit, mom and dad had to remind their child to send a thank you note. This was the last thing a busy and stressed student would want to do. So leveraging the power of responsible AI and the understanding of how parents and students need all the help they can get during the never ending college application process, we created easythanks. This is meant to be an easy and helpful tool to make the process more efficient and impactful. Good luck and cheers to smooth sailing ahead.

Why are college emails important?

  • Getting into college has never been so competitive: There’s been a 109% increase in college applications over the last two years.
  • High scores + extracurricular activities aren’t enough: 70% of decisions are influenced by an applicant’s character traits.
  • Personality, thoughtfulness + attention to detail are key: Follow up emails help check the other boxes that colleges look for.

How does easythanks help me stand out during the application process?

The difference between an admission or waitlist could be one of many pieces of data or variables. We are firm believers in controlling what you can control during this process. So that means write a personalized thank you email to help stand out and demonstrate your interest in your top schools. A well written email after a key milestone of the college process could be enough to help move you to into the golden stack of admissions. Take the extra time and do it right – easythanks makes it a no-brainer and super easy for parents and kids to slam dunk these crucial follow up notes.

Do I have to give my information? Is it secure?

We value the privacy and security of your data, do not sell your data and use industry standard security practices to protect your personal information. We do not share your data with Colleges/Universities or other third parties, except as required to provide our services or as required by law where applicable.

Are there any costs associated with using easythanks?

We have kept subscription costs minimal to cover basic expenses, but we plan to keep easythanks affordable and easy to use. Enjoy and good luck on your college journey!

Where can I contact EasyThanks?

You can easily reach out to us at our email address: hello@easythanks.college. Our team is always ready to assist you with your needs.


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