What Recent Grads Wish They’d Have Known During College Applications

Young man writing college or university application form with pen and paper. Student applying or filling document. Scholarship, grant or admission. School website in laptop.

We asked our spring 2024 college interns, “What do you wish you would’ve known or done differently during the college application process?”

“I wish it had set in that the people reading my emails were the people who were reading my applications.”

Taylor Johnson

School: University of North Carolina 

Major: Engineering 

“I wish I had created a structure to keep track of the progress of my application and correspondence.”

Luca McGuire

School: Savannah College of Art + Design 

Major: Graphic Design 

“I wish I had written an email after my interview to touch on topics left unanswered + a thank you for their time.”

Greg Hannah

School: Denison University

Major: Education

“I wish that I would’ve followed up with questions to admissions officers after campus tours.”

Lauren Hatch

School: Yale

Major: Biology


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